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Your Web Presence Is More Important Than Ever

Increasingly over the past two decades, whether you have a business, a non-profit organization, or you’re representing your personal brand, say as an artist or writer, your presence on the Web has become more and more crucial to your success. This year, with so many societal and business norms changing regularly, keeping your web site up-to-date with the information your clients, prospects, and followers need is more important than ever.

Are you building a new site, or does your content need a review and some revisions to ensure it’s still accurate and communicating the right messages? I’ve worked with several clients over the past few months to help them do just that. Here are some good reasons to outsource your web content development and maintenance.


An experienced web content writer will usually work faster and more efficiently and perhaps at a significantly lower rate than you earn yourself. And wouldn't you rather spend your time focusing on doing things only you can do to build your business, organization, or personal brand?


A seasoned web content writer is not only a professional communicator who is a whiz with the written word and helps you convert site visitors to customers. He or she is also someone who stays up-to-date on technology trends in things like search engine optimization, digital marketing techniques, and information architecture that will help your website be found, compelling, and easily used.


A fresh perspective from someone who is outside of your organization and works with a variety of clients can bring new ideas and insights to your website, which can help you get more attention, and translate to more sales.

P.S. I also partner with some top-notch web designers if you need to build a new website from scratch or give your existing site a fresh look.

Zoom Fatigue

Back in the spring, for many people using Zoom or other video conferencing platforms for the first time to connect with family and friends as well as work colleagues was both a novelty and a blessing. It didn’t take very long for “Zoom fatigue” to set in, however, as people tired of sitting in front of screens and trying to remain engaged for sometimes hours on end.

But I think 2020 will still be remembered, among other things, as when video conferencing entered a new era. Think of the societal benefits – and not just keeping people safe and healthy rather than meeting in person during the current pandemic. Fewer vehicles on the road means less traffic, less air pollution and climate change, and fewer accidents.

In my daily professional life, I’m using video conferencing to teach my adult education students and coach clients, meet with prospective clients, and attend board and committee meetings for the non-profit organizations I work with pro bono. And it saves a lot of time as well – an hour meeting only takes an hour, as opposed to an hour and a half or two hours or more when travel was necessary.

Hopefully you’ve realized some benefits in your professional life from video conferencing as well. Here’s a good article if you want some tips on optimizing your video conference experience.

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