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"Brett was contracted to assess the content of our web site, make recommendations for improvement, and implement the agreed-upon changes and additions to the textual content. Brett did a great job! Working independently, he finished on time and on budget. We would hire Brett again as he is a true professional and a pleasure to work with."


- Tim Ricciardi, Partner, Technology One Group


"Brett helped us to greatly expand the marketing effort for our farm's Community Supported Agriculture program. He created a marketing plan, and got us a lot of exposure and attention by creating and posting content on our social media accounts, writing press releases that were published by local media outlets, and improving the e-mail marketing to our past and current CSA customers. Brett is very responsive and professional, and kept me up to date with what he was doing and the results that were achieved."


- Tom Hanson, Owner, Hanson's Farm

"Brett was recommended by a friend/colleague to edit my first novel. He was prompt and thorough (given the agreed parameters for his edit/review). At first I resisted many of his edits, because, after all, he was critiquing my 'baby,' even though his suggestions and criticisms were well-padded with a lot of positive feedback and encouragement. But after some reflection I wound up accepting and incorporating nearly all of his recommendations. I believe that my manuscript is much the better for his input. His edits ranged from technical/mechanical to pacing, dialogue and plot logic. It's near-impossible to be objective about one's own writing. Brett provided invaluable objective, professional and experienced advice and at a very fair price. I highly recommend his editing services. Although my needs were for a fiction manuscript, I believe that his expertise would apply equally well to business and other creative works."


- Richard Goodkin, novelist


"Brett Peruzzi’s professional eye made all the difference in my manuscript. He demonstrated much-appreciated clear communication, a strong command of language, a  solid style guide, and was responsive to questions that arose. Objective, personable, and with quick turnaround, Brett is a good choice when collaboration is needed to bring out the best in written work." 


-Elizabeth Rozan, author

"As a first time author I hired Brett to edit and proofread my first poetry book and I am very happy I did. He also helped me with my author bio and book description and made it all come together. He set up an author Facebook page as well to help me market my book. I am so glad he was recommended to me because he made me feel less stressed and I was able to finally finish my project. Brett is extremely professional and encouraging and a pleasure to be with,

always doing his work in a timely fashion. I highly recommend Brett."

-Linda Recco O’Connell, poet


"Thank you so much for your work on the Heart Heads book. You made it sound the way it does today."


Janis Luedke, author and illustrator of The Hearts That Fell Out of the Sky: A Story of the Heart Heads


"Brett Peruzzi has an easy and efficient process and was great to work with. He was supportive in identifying current career goals and objectives and helped sort through a varied set of professional experiences. His astuteness in focusing on the most marketable and relevant experience was very helpful. He did a great job of summarizing my work experience in clear and concise language."

- Neela de Zoysa, Botanist & Climate Change Consultant


"Whatever your media challenges may be, I recommend discussing them with Peruzzi Communications. Brett did an outstanding job of identifying and targeting the locations of our potential readers and strategies for getting the word out about my book. He can assist you with meeting and exceeding objectives for your unique media project. Highly recommended!"


- Dan Camilli, author of Reeya's Earth Day: A Social Justice Primer for the 98%

"Brett was engaged to edit the existing content and write some new content for my company web site. He did a great job and was easy to work with. My organization has definitely benefited from the changes he made to improve our web presence."

- Kendric Harrison, Founder, Coastal Elites

"I hired Brett to ease me into using more social media platforms than just Facebook and Linkedin. He set up Twitter and Instagram for both my photography and publishing businesses, helped me with a competitive analysis, ideas for social tags and hash tags, potential audiences, posting schedule, success metrics, content ideas and guidelines. Before working with Brett, I felt overwhelmed. He simplified the process and showed me what to do every step of the way."

- Lynne Damianos, owner, Damianos Photography & Damianos Publishing

"Recently I had the pleasure of working with Brett to revise my resume and Linkedin Profile. Since I have held my current position for nearly 8 years I needed to learn about more current trends in the IT workplace, and Brett provided a good amount of valuable information. I also learned more about strategies recruiters use to screen resumes/profiles, and that also enhanced my perspective of how to best present my credentials. I enjoyed Brett's honest, straightforward approach and easy going manner. He never pressured me to hurry up and finalize my documents. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to prepare their credentials."

- Iris Whalen, Software Quality Assurance Analyst

"For the past seven years Brett Peruzzi has served as the volunteer marketing arm of the Framingham Public Library Foundation. The FPLF is a non-profit founded in 2010 to support the Framingham Public Library. Brett has the unique ability to engage and inform mixed audiences using both social and traditional media. In 2010 the FPLF was a start-up with no history. Aided by the articles and newsletters Brett writes and distributes, the FPLF is now an established, well-regarded community organization that regularly meets its fundraising goals.


In addition to writing promotional materials, Brett recently wrote both a marketing plan and a business plan that will help guide the FPLF in future years. In working with Brett I have found him to have good instincts regarding marketing messages that will succeed in particular media outlets. Brett is highly organized, and when he says he will do something, you can be sure he will do it and do it well."


- Ruth Winett, President, Framingham Public Library Foundation 


"Brett Peruzzi did a wonderful job helping our band “Super Acoustic Dogs” consider how to widen our audience and increase our business. Brett provided us with a comprehensive marketing plan after listening to our story about where we were and where we wanted to be. He watched one of our shows closely, observing our audience and considering our potential. We now have a blueprint to follow to pursue more bookings in our local and mid-range area, according to our business goals.


Working with Brett is always easy, rewarding and fun, whether we’re exchanging new ideas or touching base on a plan already in action. We especially liked Brett’s suggestions because they covered a wide range, from immediate, quick to implement suggestions to longer term ideas. Some of our favorites have been adding low cost “giveaways” during our shows as a method to grow our fan contact list, and that Brett suggested that our musical duo’s web presence, literature and stage setup should have more memorable and consistent branding.


Brett’s marketing plan gave us lots of directions to consider to grow our presence to our fans and our target audience. We highly recommend Brett if you have been looking for new ways to increase the size of your business."


- Kyle Jarger and Chip Allen, Super Acoustic Dogs


"Brett played an instrumental role in helping me optimize my LinkedIn profile and resume. After carefully reviewing my LinkedIn profile and consulting with me in regard to my career goals, Brett provided a detailed and easy-to-use recommendation guide that walked through areas of improvement. His suggestions were organized, well thought out, and included specific examples that demonstrated his advanced knowledge of LinkedIn profile optimization.


After working with Brett, my profile and resume more clearly highlighted my strengths, and I felt more polished and confident in the way I presented my professional information. His suggestions helped me present my content in ways that were more specific, focused, and accessible to potential employers. Brett is cordial and judicious, an all-around pleasure to work with, and I recommend his services without reservation."


- Kathryn Petroski, Proposal Coordinator


"Brett brings considerable communications experience to the Framingham History Center’s Board of Directors.  He has helped us expand our reach among local community groups and advised us on social media strategy.  He is also involved in an ongoing review of our overall communications strategy in relation to a newly revised strategic plan.  He now serves on our Development Committee where his experience with other non-profit organizations will be a tremendous asset.  Brett’s devotion to his community is tremendous and we feel fortunate to have his focus on our attempts to connect Framingham residents with their local history."


- Annie Murphy, Executive Director, Framingham History Center


"I would highly recommend Brett for any assistance needed with resume and LinkedIn help. Brett assisted me in updating my resume so that it would get looked at, pointing out the important strengths and experience first. With his guidance I updated my LinkedIn page as well, so that it would get more hits, and it has. Without Brett's assistance I would have been still waiting to hear from recruiters and employers. Since I have worked with him, I am getting contacted at a much larger rate."


- Diana St. Cyr, Medical Billing Manager


For more testimonials and recommendations, see my LinkedIn profile.

I also have a review on Yelp.

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